Monday, January 7, 2013

Locks of Love

Today I crossed off a very fun/big/important item on my bucket list: "donate hair to Locks of Love."

Which meant I had to say goodbye to a lot... a LOT... of hair! I was kind of terrified. But not terrified enough to not do it, which was good. And the lady who cut it was so nice! It really was a fun experience.

It's already weird looking at these photos and seeing
how much hair I had!

I love this picture! The best part was the
ceremonious cutting of the ponytail. :)

Hopefully this means taming "the beast"
will be less of a chore...
This photo is Awkward Town, USA and bad,
but there you have it: short hair and stuff. AND CURLS.

This was really an awesome experience and I'm glad I did it! Yay for Locks of Love and crossing off bucket list items!

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