Thursday, January 3, 2013

Best and Worst Books of 2012

I forgot that, a year ago, I had the intentions of making a best/worst book list at year's end. So here we have it.

I'll start with the worst, so that we can end on a high note.


I had to put this one on the 5 worst list mostly because of its lack of content. Like I originally said, the first chapter was great, but it just wasn't funny past that. Also, it just dragged on and got boring to read.

I also had to include this one on the naughty list merely because the writing sucked. I mean, it's to be expected: these people are not writers. Also, I got a lot out of it, but it didn't reveal much more than is revealed on their TLC show.

This was a really disappointing end to the series. The story was comparatively boring and the world of Panem continued to be under-described. Ms. Collins, take a page out of Jo's book (pun intended).

I was NOT a fan of the second book in this series. In fact, I was so much not a fan, that I refuse to read the third one. Just too much going on, I guess. And too many mundane details.

This one was BY FAR the WORST book of the year, perhaps the worst I've ever read. Cheesy, boring, shallow, terrible writing, etc. If I happen to notice another book by this yahoo, I will laugh. Out loud.


This one kept me laughing and kept me reading, even though nothing super compelling happened. It was thought-provoking, however, so it deserves 5th place!

Reading this one was kind of a spiritual experience and also made me rethink what we're taught when we're part of a university. I generally believe I have a good quality education, but Beck sheds light on what really matters and that there's more to life than what you learn from professors.

Fahrenheit 451 is brilliant. Bradbury was one smart dude. He predicted, sometimes metaphorically and sometimes literally, many major flaws with today's society. My mind was blown. Round of applause for Mr. Ray Bradbury, may he rest in peace.

This story is beautiful and it was beautifully written. First of all, I didn't even know about this part of World War II. Second, it totally tugged on my heartstrings, always a plus. I don't think this one is very well known, but I highly recommend it. 

Okay, I'm pretty sure I read this masterpiece in two settings and sobbed intermittently. John Green is one awesome dude. What's even better is that he doesn't underestimate a teenager's ability to take in deep subject matter, and he doesn't limit his readership (many adults love it too!). Very very powerful read and I recommend it to anybody and everybody. Congratulations, Mr. Green-- your novel has rightly earned 1st place in best books of 2012!

*Note: I am not including books I'd already read prior to 2012, for obvious reasons.

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