Thursday, October 11, 2012

#15! ... Two months later...

Okay, so I will spend only limited time defending myself. And, by "limited," I mean I'm only going to use one word:



So instead I will classify my completion of book #15 as basically an amazing accomplishment, all while successfully learning a new job, applying to grad schools, and ACING MY FIRST TWO EXAMS OF THE SEMESTER, BOOM. Yes, kind sir (or madam), I am patting myself on the back. But who couldn't use some praise once in awhile? (Also, let's ignore the fact that the idea of reading 50 books this year is now reaching absolutely ridiculous proportions.)

Anyway, since I've been leaving you hanging, this was the most recent book choice:

It's caught my eye ever since it first came out and I saw it at bookstores. I didn't really know what it was about, but the SLP student in me suspected some kind of connection to the field.

What finally got me to borrow it from the library (yes, I am a dinosaur and do not yet own what you call an e-reader) was my professor's use of the first chapter audio in class. It was about the author's first trip to a speech pathologist and it was freaking hilarious! Now, the remainder of the book had nothing to do with speech pathology and it wasn't nearly as funny, but, ehhhh, it was alright. I'd give it 3 stars, I guess.

Also. I've definitely reached my (ORIGINAL, WOO) nonfiction goal this year. At least I'm not a major f-up on my goals!

Also, also. Don't be surprised if there's another two-month wait before book #16. Senior year's a bitch.

Also, also, also (last one, I promise). This would be a great piece for one of my high school speech kids! So book #15 had double purpose. Score.