Thursday, May 31, 2012

#8: To Kill A Mockingbird - Harper Lee

The one-third mark (of the new, more realistic challenge) is in sight! Nevermind the fact that we're nearly halfway through the year and I'm still behind. But it's okay! Summer = Book Challenge Recommencement. :)
I decided to indulge in a classic that I have read before, and why not count it in the challenge anyway, damn it.

I love love LOVE this book. The characters are intriguing, the plot creates a page-turner, and Lee's abundance of themes are admirable. I hadn't read it since I was about 14, so it was definitely time to pick up again! And, of course, being 7 years older, I certainly picked up on more. It was truly an enjoyable read to kick off my summer!

In other news: speaking of summer, I got a summer job, yay me! I will be working in the cafe of my local book store. I've always wanted to work in a bookstore because of the atmosphere, so it should be fun. And also the books. And also the discounts....

The one major downfall is that it pays pretty bad. Like, I'm pretty sure it's minimum wage. Oh well, soon enough I will return to my super awesome school year gig and be rich (just kidding on the rich part...)

Anyway, I have decided that, since I am working at a bookstore, there would be ZERO excuse for me not completing the book challenge (30, NOT 50- don't be fooled by the actual title of this blog, people). So, stay tuned! It's happening!!!

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