Monday, May 21, 2012

Not Book #7: In which I ramble about nothing and ignore the fact that this blog has nothing to do with its title

Our last freaking fundraiser (a "Happy Hour for the Cure") happened Friday and I can finally! FINALLY! enjoy a couple days of my summer before I start the dreaded job hunt. Oh woe is me. I have to be an adult and work. Boo hoo!

But first, I acted like a 40-year-old virgin and have been at my parents' for, like, a week now. It's nice to hang out with the fam damily AND NOT HAVE TO COOK OMG, but holy HOT DAMN, I need to go back home and grow the heck up.

So that is happening.... tomorrow. I stayed until my mom's birthday (which was yesterday) and I was going to go home today but SURPRISE, my mom asked me to stay tomorrow morning for the Culligan guy to fix their water softener. Which means I have exactly one more day to freeload.

Goals for the summer:

- Spend some time outside of the dark, cold cave that is my apartment, i.e) walk to the nearby park that I have yet to discover.
- Seriously work on the pasty whiteness that is my skin. When I was little, I would get so dark that people would mistake me for an African American (just kidding, but BARELY). Now people mistake me for a ghost (not really, but they could...) I need to stop being a vampire who is afraid of sunlight.
- Lose some weight and get rid of the cottage cheese that is my thighs and ass. Like, shedding 20-30 pounds would be amazing.
- Study for the death sentence GRE that will be taking place this fall. OMG STRESS.
- Shadow a speech pathologist. (Because I can only talk about it without actually doing it for so long...)
- I would LOVE to go on vacation.... Preferably a road trip of some kind. Because SUMMER.

This post is so embarrassing and the most scattered one I've ever written... ever.

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